Why Give?

Giving Stabilizes Communities

Giving increases the chances of helping American homeowners reach housing goals that make sense for them and, in turn, helps stabilize communities throughout the nation. Our main goal is to help homeowners avoid foreclosure whether they take advantage of the Heart Program or not.

We understand that some homeowners do not maintain the ability to make modified mortgage payments and, as such, their interests are best served by gracefully exiting the home ownership role. Even if some home owners will reach the conclusion that home ownership is no longer in their interest, personally or financially, we advocate foreclosure avoidance. Walking away from a property has long term, negative effects that, in most circumstances, can be avoided. Giving helps the Heartland Coalition spread this message and provide much needed assistance to the communities we serve.

If you would like to learn more about sponsored giving, contact a Heart Program Administrator today at + 619-450-6950.

What is the Heart Program?

The Heart Program is an innovative solution to assist homeowners that do not qualify for a loan modification or do not want a loan modification but want to stay in their homes long term. Qualified applicants for the Heart Program are able to decrease their overall housing payments, in most situations, by as much as 50.00%.

Other Services

Aside from offering the Heart Program, the Heartland Coalition, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, seeks to assist homeowners avoid foreclosure and foreclosure rescue scams. Not everyone will be able to financially afford modified home payments or home payments acquired through the Heart Program. Our counseling services provide homeowners with access to alternative solutions for avoiding the long term consequences of foreclosure.