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We believe the current mortgage environment has reached a turning point in the market. Heart Program Partners can now significantly benefit from purchasing homes in a short sale transaction from the current lender and lease them back to the original homeowner with an option to repurchase the property in a fixed period of time. Most lenders have now accepted the reality that loan modification programs are failing to provide adequate relief and these lenders would prefer to short sale the property in order to relieve the themselves of what they consider “toxic notes”. With our legal and aggressive negotiation strategy, we are able to purchase homes that would otherwise be foreclosed on well below market value and we choose to work with homeowners that can truly afford the new restructured payments. The combination of these factors create a profitable and secure scenario for our Program Partners.

About The Heart Program

The Stabilization Home Affordability Revitalization Program commonly referred to the Heart Program is a division of the Heartland Coalition, a 501c3 Non‐Profit organization. The Heart program has been classified by many of our Program Partners as a much needed humanitarian effort as our aim is to keep Americans who have suffered hardships in their homes with the stated intent of reuniting them with their property. Many lenders are unwilling or unable to negotiate mortgage balances to current market value while keeping the client/homeowner in their home. With recent changes to the Making Home Affordable program specifically H.A.F.A., non‐profit entities are now allowed to purchase properties through a Short Sale transaction with the stated intent of keeping the homeowner in their home.

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