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Innovative Homeowner Mortgage Relief

For too long, homeowners that have been able to afford their homes but not their existing mortgages have been denied the opportunity to successfully modify the terms of their home loans to a fair, market value payment structure. The HEART Program represents our innovative answer to the mortgage crisis in America today. We believe every homeowner that has suffered a hardship deserves the opportunity to continue living the American dream and we are committed to providing innovative solutions that benefit homeowners and lenders simultaneously as well. While many have asked how the housing market will rebound and how American homeowners will regain what they have lost, our non-profit entity believes that by helping one home owner at a time we will make a lasting difference, sustain communities and help restore a healthy housing market.

Heartland Sustainable Housing is a non-profit organization that provides foreclosure prevention services in partnership with the Urban League of San Diego, a HUD certified agency.

Heartland Sustainable Housing highly encourages all homeowners to work directly with their lender or servicer first, and apply for government programs such as HARP or HAMP. Our goal is to assist those that have failed to qualify for these types of programs and still need help. You can research the government programs at:

(HARP) Home Affordable Refinance Program
· Fannie or Freddie owned loan
· Originated before May 31st 2009
· Greater than 80% LTV
· Current for the past 12 months

(HAMP) Home Affordable Modification Program
· Obtained before January 1st, 2009
· Financial Hardship
· Sufficient Income to maintain new payment

Heartland Housing focuses its efforts on creating sustainable and long-term solutions to America’s housing crisis. Heartland Sustainable Housing’s programs are designed to explore all available options for:

· Homeowners in Distress
· Homebuyers Needing Assistance

After a detailed consultation, Heartland Housing will prepare a customized strategy prepared by locally licensed professionals to find a solution for your home related problems.

About the HEART Program

The HEART Program is administered by the Heartland Coalition, a 501c3 non-profit entity. The Heartland Coalition seeks to build collaborative relationships through individual and corporate donors, seeks our HEART Program Partners to help extend our assistance to homeowners that can qualify for home payments based on their home’s current market value and seeks to end the cycle of needless foreclosures through our counseling efforts nationwide.

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