Program Benefits

Strengthening Communities through Action

Specific Benefits of the Heart Program include:

  • Monthly Payment of Rents
  • Higher than average rates of return
  • All Properties have a 1004 interior/exterior appraisal of properties (no BPO’s)
  • All properties receive a 3 year home warranty at no cost to investor
  • Servicing of Properties provided at no additional cost to investor
  • Investors may review each and every property they invest in

  • Stabilize the American Economy

    Earning higher than average rates of return is just one reason to consider becoming a Heart Program Partner. Another, more important, reason to consider our program is that by becoming a Partner, you will make a direct impact on the lives of American’s that can afford their homes at current market value but cannot afford their mortgage at significantly inflated mortgage amounts. Well over 25.00% of homes in America are currently underwater and many of these homeowners are denied the ability to stay in their homes by their lender. Our exclusive program can change the current, unforgiving state of affairs.

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  • How to Work with the Heart Program

  • Contact a Heart Program Administrator: + 619-450-6950