The HEART Program Mission

The mission of the HEART Program is threefold: (1) to assist homeowners that are able to make modified payments on their homes; (2) to stabilize communities throughout America; and (3) to continually research new, innovative ways to provide foreclosure relief to homeowners.

On Assisting Homeowners:

Like homeowners themselves, we quickly came to realize a fundamental flaw in foreclosure relief programs past and present: homeowners that are able to make modified payments on their homes are regularly turned down for loan modifications. In many circumstances, homeowners are turned down simply because their homes are so underwater, that lenders would have to make significant adjustments to principal balances to make modified payments work and more often than not, these lenders are unable or unwilling to do so. We are able to provide the relief that homeowners deserve through the HEART Program if homeowners maintain steady income and if their homes are in good condition. The HEART Program can help these homeowners when lenders are unable to do so.

On Stabilizing Communities:

Foreclosure doesn’t just harm individuals, it harms communities. The Heartland Coalition, a 501c3 non-profit organization, is able to assist homeowners in their efforts to avoid foreclosure even if they do not qualify for the HEART Program. Instead of “walking away” and accepting the consequences of foreclosure, we advocate homeowners seek alternatives and guide them through the process so they can preserve their credit rating as much as possible and mitigate the damage to property values in their area.

Our Commitment to Innovation:

We believe the HEART Program is the best present means of assisting homeowners to stay in their homes long term, however, at the same time, we recognize the HEART Program is not the ultimate end for all homeowners. Times change as do rules, regulations and restrictions in the lending and real estate industries. As such, the Heartland Coalition is committed to continually researching innovative means of assisting homeowners. With this guiding philosophy, we will bring new programs, innovations and strategies that work as the times change.

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  • Heartland Sustainable Housing is a non-profit organization that provides foreclosure prevention services in partnership with the Urban League of San Diego, a HUD certified agency.