How to Work with The Heart Program

Becoming a Program Partner is Easy

Potential Program Partners seeking returns well above market rates with the need to have security such as real property are encouraged to review our investment opportunities. The Heart Program has and will continue to self fund when opportunity permits; however due to capital limitations in relation to the number of homes and the dollar size of transactions, investment opportunities are limitless.

The anticipated return on investment varies dependent upon the credit situation of each client; some will only need 3 to 6 months to repurchase, others will repurchase within the first year while others will need to take the entire 3 year term to get back on their feet. We factor worst case scenarios into our yield considerations which is to say that in the event the consumer does repurchase the home in the early portion of the program, yields to partners will increase significantly.

Historically, to obtain returns of this nature investors had to play the role of a “Hard Money Lender”; for many this has a very negative connotation. The Heart Program Partners now get an opportunity to receive greater returns than in the past and at the same time take on the role of “white knight” by giving families the opportunity to start over with a mortgage in line with the true value of their homes.

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