The HEART Program History

The HEART Program Administrative and Executive Teams have been heavily involved in foreclosure relief strategies since the beginning of the downturn in the economy. One of the lessons our Administrators and Executives quickly learned is that lenders are overwhelmed, homeowners are constantly receiving new “groundbreaking” strategies from for-profit companies and the end result is that confusion abounds.

In response to the state of affairs, our Administrative and Executive Teams designed the HEART Program concept around two very important goals: (1) the program had to be a win-win situation for homeowners and lenders; and (2) the program must be easy to understand and articulate to the populations that we serve.

Significant time and energy has gone in to research, planning and development of the HEART Program and our efforts would be impossible were it not for the support of donors and the experience, drive and commitment of our Executive Team.

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  • Heartland Sustainable Housing is a non-profit organization that provides foreclosure prevention services in partnership with the Urban League of San Diego, a HUD certified agency.